When you train with me, we’re going to start with movement. I need to see you move, and you need to be able to move, so movement is a great place to start.

It isn’t a dance competition, it’s just a lot of movements in directions & planes you might not think to do every day. Once we get to a certain age range we seem to only move in ways that serve our most immediate purposes . . . and limiting our movements isn’t necessarily the best for us long-term.

Be a kid for a minute. Seriously! Do you remember how much you used to move around when you were younger? Even if you weren’t particularly athletic, you probably moved with a little more excitement than you do now. You probably spent more time outside, too.

That’s what we do! We move with excitement, and we are outside a lot. It’s called 6 Strength Conditioning and it tunes your body for maximal dynamic strength. Like the six strings of a guitar, the song sounds better when in tune. Your strength is much more available, as you need it, when you are in tune.

6 Strength is more than just a clever pun, it’s a fitness system anchored in movement, built on six fundamental Kettlebell lifts, and developed through movement sequences that reinvigorate those tired muscles that haven’t smiled, laughed or sang in years.

6 Strength conditions you to be the BEST version of yourself possible through directed & focused movement. We crawl, we carry, we lift, and we create bodies that are ready & capable for ANY activity you want to pursue.

I’ve got the iron, the programs, and the experience & knowledge to put it all together into a package that works best for YOU. All you need to do is show up, do the work, and find how how strong & dynamic you can truly be. Oh, and have fun with it, this is your song, after all.