Get Up

Good news, R.E.M. wants you to do Get-Ups . . . of course Michael doesn’t mention the Turkish part, but we get it, we know what he’s talking about, we know what he wants . . . Get up, get up!

Have you tried a Turkish Get Up? It looks complicated up front, but once you’ve been coached through them, the entire process is a great full-body reset! Practice those movements often enough, and with the right weights, and those little aches & pangs that chip away at you eventually fall by the wayside. Some people even call the TGU “The poor person’s Chiropractor.

Learning the steps require time, but not much. Doing the work just takes willingness. Learn the TGU and you have a quick & simple reset for your body, whenever you need.

*Author’s note- the picture above is cool & vintage, but does not cover the more beneficial steps of the TGU . . . find a Coach near you & get started on your quest


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