Morning WOD- 11/3/17

In this case, WOD stands for Word of the Day. Each Friday I’m going to propose a new word, offer a little write up about it, and you can decide how & if you want to respond to it. Please, comment below, e-mail me, or message 6 Strength Conditioning on Facebook with your thoughts or feedback. In fact, of you have an idea for Morning WOD, let’s keep the colloquy rolling. 

BELIEF– We usually use this word in religious terms, or maybe even political, but I think the word is much bigger & broader than all that . . . I think we have beliefs about everything! Every thought we have is a belief, if you think about it . . . but you don’t have to believe that, you know.

That said, let’s think about this word in context: How do your beliefs impact your workouts? More specifically, how do your beliefs impact your results?  I’ll post my answer in a video later today, but in the meantime, think about this . . . I mean REALLY think about this . . . Do your beliefs alter or affect the outcome of your workouts? Or are workouts just these physical things we do? 

What do you think? Don’t be shy . . .


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