Fun with Loaded Carries

One hour to madness and joy! O furious! O confine me not!
What is this that frees me so in storms?
What do my shouts amid lightnings and raging winds mean?
~Walt Whitman

There was a champion wrestler in Ancient Greece named Milo of Croton. According to legend, he began carrying a calf on his back, and did so every day as he & the calf grew, which meant that he conditioned himself to carry a full sized bull. As a result, he is credited with Progressive Overload Training . . . oh, and was outsmarted & eaten by a pack of wolves.

The ability to carry things has always been useful. Even today, in our seemingly soft modern culture, we challenge ourselves to such glorious & nobel tasks such as carrying ALL the groceries inside with one trip. If you’ve never felt the plastic loop of the milk back dig into the delicate flesh of your very wrist, some might say that you really don’t know struggle.

All of that is kind of a joke . . . but not really.

The truth is that we do have a need to carry things, and we have even more of a need to avoid hurting ourselves when carrying things. Sometimes the struggle is realer than others, but the more we know, the more self-aware we are of the processes, forms & techniques, the better prepared we are when Life grants us the gift of Longevity.

If you are in or around Kennesaw next Sunday, November 12th at 11am, or feel like making the most worthwhile road trip you can make, join the fine crew of the Uptown Kettlebell Club for our FREE Loaded Carries- Functional Strength & Practical Lifts event at North Cobb High School. Click the link & let me know if you  can make it, or are thinking about it. The event is FREE to everyone, so bring a loved one, or even someone you tolerate very highly. Just no cunning or hungry wolves, please.

Yours in Strength,

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