Jingle Bells, Kettlebells

Jingle all the way!

I call this a Chain Session. You will need 5 different sized Kettlebells to do this one as written, but you can still get a great workout applying the same numbers to a one bell workout. Let’s look at how it looks with the 5 bells:

Start with your lightest bell and work up to your heaviest . . . then with your heaviest down to your lightest– 

  • 5 Clean & Presses (each arm), then 10 Swings with that bell
  • 4 Clean & Presses, then 10 Swings 
  • 3 Clean & Presses, 10 Swings
  • 2 Clean & Presses, 10 again
  • 1 Clean & Press, yep, 10

After you go from light to heavy, start again with heavy and work back down to light. If it’s important, it’s worth repeating.

Solid form & technique are our primary concerns, but beyond that, go for a quick cadence. If possible, try to match your cadence from your lightest bell to your heaviest. You’ll find that when you descend, you’ll naturally go even faster.

Whether you’re new to Kettlebells or experienced, you’ll find a good but manageable challenge in this session. It will certainly enhance your strength and improve your conditioning. Wherever you are on the spectrum, come train with me . . . Christmas & New Year’s Special NOW AVAILABLE!


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