Morning Habits for Success pt. 1

Waking up early enough to get a good workout in might be the most difficult magic trick to learn. Like anything else, the trick is easier if you break it down.

We don’t have to get up and do these mega-super-heavy Deadlifts or How Much Ya Bench workouts. Just start simple, start with intentional movement. Move the way you want to move for the rest of the day.

Watch any Zombie movie, or people-watch in the mall and think to yourself, “I do NOT want to move like that.” Don’t roll out of bed, shuffle straight to the shower, turn the water on, soap up, rinse off, the shuffle out the same way you came in . . . just MOVE while you have a chance to move. Move with meaning, move with intent, move with purpose, move to move BETTER, not just to shuffle dutifully throughout your day.

Start with your joints, your wrists, work up to your elbows, your shoulders, down through your torso & legs, just get moving. Practice moving athletically, with power, speed & strength . . . move the way you dreamed about moving when you wanted to be a REAL life super-hero. 

After a few mornings of this, maybe even a few weeks, you’ll start developing the mindset and the habits to be consistent with this. That’s how we build habits: we initiate the mindset, we follow through with action, and then we build consistency from there.

Start moving in the mornings, and work towards the habits you want, not back to the habits you have.

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