How to Get Lucky

Luck doesn’t knock on doors. Luck isn’t going to hit you up after work to ask if you can play.

Either you’re ready & available for Luck, or she keeps on until she finds someone getting after it. When we say getting after it, we mean work.

When we say work, we mean chasing after what you love . . . what inspires, motivates & drives you. It can be your day job or your side hustle, but whatever it is, you have to get after it & keep after it. THAT is where Luck will find you.

Are you starting your own business? Losing a few pounds or inches? Looking for a new love? Wanting to lift more weight or learn a new move? No matter what fuels you, there is nothing wrong with wanting Luck. There is no mistaking her power . . . but don’t ever dare overestimate how she feels about you.

You do the work, ALL the work, MORE work than you ever imagined . . . then, and ONLY then, she’ll ferry you across the Elysian River of Success.

She doesn’t have a predetermined lot of winners . . . she picks from the laborers, the mental, emotional, spiritual & physical laborers of Desire, Dreams & Ambition.

What are you waiting for? Get to work. Be ready when Luck comes looking. She never knocks, but if you’re working, putting in the effort, she’s watching & wanting time alone with you.

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