Flirting with Success

How we talk about Success determines how we think about Success, and how we think about it determines our relation to it.

Sometimes we talk about Success as if we own it, as in, “I have Success,” or “I have a good level of Success.” Other times we talk about Success in terms of defining our very being, as in, “I am Successful.”

Maybe we go with that second one because we want our whole being, our entire existence, defined by Success. Even at our most Successful, we’re defined by a lot of what didn’t work, a lot of what we tried. Life is too dynamic for singular & static definitions.

Instead of thinking about Success as something we own, or trying to define Success as something we are, another approach would be to view Success as something we engage with. View Success, in other words, as a relationship.

In any relationship, if we are all take and no give, the relationship turns ugly and finds a way to end. The same with Success, if we aren’t contributing to that relationship, the breakup will be nasty. But, the more we put into the relationship, the more of yourself you’re willing to give, the more you get in return.

The relationship shouldn’t be built as co-dependent. You bring your BEST, and sometimes even your worst, and Success will too. We have upsides & downsides, but in a healthy, prosperous & thriving relationship, we NEVER lose ourselves to the other.

What can you do to better the relationship? What can you do to make it stronger? When we view Success in these terms, the answer is always clear: Do whatever work is necessary. Going “above & beyond” becomes the new normal, the new base level of the minimum accepted requirements . . . but in a great relationship, we never settle, we never accept minimum requirements, of ourselves or of our partner.

If we’re going to make this relationship with Success work, we have to show up every day, dressed & ready to rock!

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