Be Your Own Hero

Do you ever feel like your past makes your future impossible? Are those mistakes, habits & poor decisions of youth too much to overcome?

Feelings like this are more common than they are uncommon, but you probably already knew that, and you probably already know that it doesn’t help to just know that.

Something better to know would be what to do about it.

The coolest magic trick I know is called Reverse Engineering. I’m not a real engineer, but the concept makes so much sense. Take an example that you know works and try to figure out what smaller parts led to its success.

It sounds so simple . . . because it is.

There’s a reason we had heroes when we were kids. There is a reason superhero movies are so popular. Memoirs, YouTube videos, Blog posts, Tweets . . . if we are looking to reverse engineer people, or even our ideas about people, there is definitely an abundance of resources.

Let’s take an example near & dear to my heart: I want to get stronger and be more athletic. There is no shortage of strong & athletic people out there. Many of them are even friends of mine, so I really don’t have to look very far for awesome examples.

What are some things they all have in common? That one is easy: They all lift weights, they all spend a lot of time in a gym or their garage gym . . . and there is the kicker, at least for me– they all spend a lot of time . . . 

If someone you know spends a lot of time posting pictures of their super-human body in the gym doing super-human things, there’s a good chance that person spends a LOT of time in the gym. They have the body to confirm it, and their never-ending stream of gym posts certainly affirms it.

Great, what do we do with this information?

Sometimes it’s as easy as reaching out to the person. People love talking about themselves. (I sincerely mean this in a good way, definitely understand it that way.)

Whether we do or not, can or cannot, the next step in reverse engineering is to realize that this person had to start somewhere. Maybe it’s right there in their posts? Maybe you can make a pretty educated guess?

My suggestion is to not spend too much time worrying about their story. Use whatever information you have to begin YOUR story. Your story is the one you should be most curious about.

Like Superman, you came to this earth from who knows where, and it didn’t take others long to convince you that you’re somehow ordinary, not uncommon. Now is a good time to stop listening to them . . . and it doesn’t matter who they are, because they are the ones who are wrong about you.

You can be & have anything you want, you just have to figure out how your story plays into your goals, your desires and write yourself to that end.

Let’s look more closely at my example: Strength & Athleticism. What do all these people in the gym have, materially? Weights. What do all these amazingly athletic people do most frequently? Move.

Okay, now we are approaching base levels. We definitely have two tangibles to work with: weights & movement. Getting a weight is easy, starting to move is easier. Put the two together, add in some creativity & consistency, and we are well on our way to creating our own magic.

If you are lost or stuck, e-mail me ( and we can get something working. If you’re not ready to reach out and are just looking for a way out of where you are, here’s a quick & easy workout you can do without any weights, and as often as you want throughout the day:

  • 10 Air Squats . . . if you’re worried about your level of strength, or knees, stand on the floor next to a solid chair, bench, or even your bed so that if you fall, you fall comfortably and don’t injure yourself before you have a chance to get stronger
  • 5 Push-ups . . . if you can’t do push-ups on the floor, do them on a stair, a counter, or even against a wall, and build a level of consistency & confidence
  • Lay down on the floor and get up . . . yep, that is the whole exercise. You can make it as challenging as you want by only using one hand, no hands, or whatever you need. Getting up off the floor is a skill many of us mastered as children, but lose as adults. You’ll never meet a truly & physically strong or athletic person who can’t get up off the floor. Think about that.

If these movements don’t look suitable for you, or if you have a weight and want something more challenging, seriously, e-mail me ( and I’ll e-mail you back with some different & encouraging suggestions.

Wherever you are is much closer to where you want to be than you might imagine. Find your direction on a map and start moving that way. There are obstacles, re-routes, detours, and sometimes all-out road closures, but honestly, there isn’t anywhere in the world you can’t get as long as you’re willing to start & follow through.

Start here, start now.

Get Strong & Move well.

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