The Spirit of Giving

There seems to be a long ranging debate about Santa . . . some people question his very existence. Younger kids hovering around grade-school age seem to have it all figured out.

When I drive down my street, or through any number of nearby neighborhoods, I’m struck by how many people put up lights. Some are fancy, and others are, um, endearing. No matter which category, I’m moved & touched by the effort.

This is a dark time of year, literally. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the lights are a nice touch to contrast the early darkened sky. Many people experience this darkness spiritually & emotionally, and for this crowd, the lights are even more meaningful.

When my school-aged Son asked about Santa, I couldn’t tell him that he doesn’t exist . . . I simply don’t believe that, no matter how many tell me otherwise.

That chubby dude in a red coat & white beard represents the spirit of giving, and no matter what time of year it is, I believe in giving. When it’s dark outside and the shadows creep & crawl across our emotions, I believe in giving even more.

It isn’t always money, it isn’t always things . . . sometimes it’s most meaningful when we give of ourselves . . . our time, our effort, our compassion, our empathy, our ears & our hearts.

Santa exists, and he exists in every single one of us. If anyone is going to keep believing, it is up to each & every last one of us to keep him alive by giving.

Never give up the opportunity to be the light in someone’s darkness.

From all of me at 6 Strength Conditioning, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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