Self Education and Fresh New Starts

Reading put perspective to any challenge I was facing and made me see that extraordinary people usually had extraordinary pain, difficulties or injustices. That’s part of why they have the drive and hunger to do good in the world, to make something happen. ~Tony Robbins

The ability to read is a pretty neat trick. Someone puts words down on paper, your eyes scan the words, and suddenly (or sometimes, eventually) you are exposed to a new perspective, and maybe even change the way you think. Definitely some cool magic happening here! 

My job requires me to drive a lot, which is great, because I love traveling, and driving allows me to bring with me whatever I want/need . . . as opposed to airports, which tend to frown on me bringing my Kettlebells. The downside to all that driving is that it limits my ability to read.

Audio Books are one option, and a great option for many people. Generally speaking, I tend to struggle with finding an audio book that holds my attention. It’s definitely a matter of how I process information, and how that information is presented, but maybe you’ve had similar experiences with audio books.

Podcasts, on the other hand, work very well for me. Maybe it’s because I tend to gravitate towards the conversation or interview style podcasts, or maybe because they are short, or maybe because of any number of other reasons.

The point is, if you’re curious about something, you’ll find a way to get the information you need. In today’s technological environment, there’s no shortage of information avenues. Seek & find, you know.

One of my favorite things about podcasts is that you can find episodes of authors talking about, or being interviewed about their books. The emphasis might be on the book, but you inevitably learn about the author, and maybe even learn that your motivations for wanting to read the book are strikingly similar to why the book was written.

My wife & I are starting the Whole 30 to kick off 2018. As soon as we ordered the book, I went in search of podcasts about Whole 30. Lewis Howes is one of my favorite podcast hosts, so when I found his interview with Whole 30 co-founder, Melissa Hartwig, I knew it would be worth recommending to anyone curious about the backstory of Whole 30.

If you’re new to the idea of podcasts, or a well-traveled & seasoned pro, give Melissa’s story a listen . . . you’ll definitely learn a lot about how Whole 30 came to be, and maybe even be motivated, inspired & encouraged by her own story of the process.

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