CrossFit Training with Kettlebells

It isn’t really a question of if Kettlebells will be used in the Open, Regionals, or Games, it’s an issue of when & how. If you geek out about this stuff like I do, you might have noticed that a few high level CrossFit athletes have been posting pics on Instagram moving the mighty Kettlebells.

Which opens up an honest question: If the elite athletes are preparing with Kettlebells, should we too? Of course, no one ever knows the events until Dave Castro releases them, but there is no reason to think that our beloved bells won’t make a showing somewhere along the way.

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Besides bodyweight, Kettlebells are the most accessible, portable & versatile pieces of equipment we have or can use. That being said, our answer is obvious: Of course we should.

Kettlebell Swings are far & away the most popular movement in CrossFit events, or even in day-to-day programming. The CrossFit method is to go overhead, also known as the American Swing, but there is a lot of benefit from learning the Russian Swing. In either case, the movement begins & ends the same way, the only thing that changes is the range of motion: the Russian Swing is a full range of motion movement, and the American Swing is an extended range of motion movement. If you’re going to participate in CrossFit, there’s no sense in arguing about which is better . . . learn both and own the movement in any situation.

It definitely benefits us all to learn the Swing (both kinds), and even more technical lifts with the Kettlebell. I always recommend working with a certified instructor or coach to fully learn the intricacies of the movement, preferably an HKC or RKC in your area . . . <politely clears throat>.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat about Kettlebells or finding someone in your area to get you started, you can e-mail me at or check out the 6 Strength FB Page, or the Uptown Kettlebell Club which is definitely the BEST way to get started or improve your Kettlebell training.

Oh, and maybe not nearly as important, but pretty cool, Bane is training with Kettlebells, too . . . so, Batman beware!

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