2/22 Tropic of Unicorn

Today’s training happened in 81 degree weather. Oh, and sunny, very sunny. It’s February, which should be a kicker, but who am I to argue? I’m just a guy with lots of lofty Kettlebell goals, and a relentless work ethic.

My own training usually involves piecing together a few ideas from various places, but with a common theme towards a particular goal. Today’s training focused more on the TSC, but I think the carry-over to the Beast Tamer will evolve & make itself felt & known over time.

My current bodyweight is 254.6, and I’m none too pleased about it, but I need to have the motivation to get it where I want, which is 225. I can run more often, or Snatch more frequently. One jives with my goals, the other is potentially distracting. Some days I’ll run, but not today. Today I went straight for the Snatch.

Focusing on the TSC, I went for a well-known template that has produced many encouraging results: 12-Week TNT TSC Training Program. The guy who wrote it has won the Elite Division more than anyone else, and has produced some impressive results with other athletes. Again, I really shouldn’t argue.

But, as a warm-up, I went back to one of my favorites I used to train for my RKC: StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification Prep Guide. Some people might claim it blasphemous to use a SFG template to train for the RKC, but 1) they all started as the same organization, 2) it WORKS, 3) I don’t listen to anyone who points out problems but doesn’t offer usable & meaningful solutions.

1 Circuit of:

  • Swing x 15 two arm
  • Clean and press x 5+5
  • Swing x 5+5 one arm
  • Clean and front squat x 5+5
  • Swing x 20 alternating or 10+10 one arm
  • Get-up x 1+1 (adjust weight or reduce steps of the get-up as needed)
  • Swing x 15 two arm
  • Snatch x 5+5
  • Swing x 5+5 one arm

Oh, and the TNT Snatch work looked like:

  • 10 minute EMOM- 5R/5L = 100 Snatches
  • 12 minute EMOM- 5R/5L = 120 Snatches

I didn’t go with a competition weight, as suggested, choosing instead my 16kg. Maybe I wanted to get comfortable with the volume, maybe I wasn’t feeling froggy enough to belt out my 24kg today. Maybe it was something else. Regardless, the work got done, and 220 Snatches is nothing to sneeze at . . . even if pollen is rampant in Georgia unusually early this year. 2018 itself offers to be remarkably unusual, so ride the wave & ride it high.

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