2/24 ToU

There was a season for hard training and a season for harder training. ~Dave Draper

Kettlebell Swings to high-pulls, cradle the bell to your chest & roll back onto your back, spring forward & stand up in one fluid movement. After some around-the-worlds, figure 8s & halos, this makes for a pretty good warm up.

Next, I prove once again that I’m a pretty big fan of Brett Jones’ SFG Prep Day 1 workout. There are other ways to get this kind of work done, but all the basic movements are packaged together pretty nicely, so I use it as a step beyond a warm-up for a single set.

1 Circuit @ 24kg:

  • Swing x 15 two arm
  • Clean and press x 5+5
  • Swing x 5+5 one arm
  • Clean and front squat x 5+5
  • Swing x 20 alternating or 10+10 one arm
  • Get-up x 1+1 (adjust weight or reduce steps of the get-up as needed)
  • Swing x 15 two arm
  • Snatch x 5+5
  • Swing x 5+5 one arm

Then to the Press. The day before was Snatch practice, but my goals include getting better at pressing. If you don’t press a 24kg or 32kg well, the 48kg Beast is gonna rock your world in a bad way, and I know this very well.

I set out to do a 10 minute EMOM of Presses, every odd minute with the 24kg, and every even minute with the 32kg, but yesterday wasn’t my day. I ended up doing 6 total sets @ 24kg, and the remaining 4 @ 32kg. The first two sets at 32kg were the full 5/5, but the last two were 4/4 and 3/3, for a total of 94 reps for the whole work set.

Still, that was 2,628kg of iron moved in 10 minutes, which I’m happy with . . . for yesterday. The difference between iron moved at 24kg and 32kg was 352kg, which equates to 11 more reps at 32kg for the next time I work this drill.

It gets a little nerdy with al those numbers, but I think that nerdiness helps with assessment, and I think ongoing & relentless assessment in training is 100% essential for working smartly towards our goals.

The Beast Marches On!

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