2/27 Tropic of Unicorn

My sleep habits are insulting . . . stay up much later than useful, then try to wake up early enough to get in a solid workout before work. Over the years I’ve gotten better at getting up & out of bed early enough, but those early a.m. sessions certainly suffer. Maybe I’ll get moving enough & sling enough iron to feel better at work, but not much more than that. Bad sleep habits can derail even the best intended plans.

The better news is that I keep a small variety of Kettlebells at work. One advantage is that nearly everyone who stops by to see me at least picks one up, and usually even wants to talk about them to some degree. The other advantage is personal stress relief. Carry them to the back & return for some solid Carries, work out some kinks in Pressing technique, hit some Swings at lunchtime . . . the short answer is that I do a little something every single day.

As for Beast Training, a whole lot of Presses throughout the day, GtG (Greasing the Groove), with light ‘bells all the way up to medium-light ‘bells. Tonight, my Son & I went to the park and ran around, throwing the football, and chasing our cardio across wide expanses of soft grass. I also worked on Pistols by standing next to a pole and walking my hands down as I lowered myself on one leg, then the other. Getting there . . . slowly, but once I get there, I’m sure I won’t care how long it took.

Also, lots of bar hangs for Pull-up work. A few pull-ups, but mostly hangs spread out over a minute or so.

Sometimes the workouts aren’t structured, but the work within is still meaningful. Show up even when you’re not inspired, and you’ll learn how to create your own motivation when inspiration is half a world away.

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