Kennesaw Rose (3/3 ToU)

Strength is probably my favorite topic of conversation or thought. Even if you don’t feel Strong right now, you can always get Strength, and despite what any gym tries to tell you, it can be done for free, or very nearly to it. That said, a Coach or Trainer might help you much more efficiently & in the long run, but in very basic terms, getting Stronger costs in effort, not money.

This morning I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough. I got lots of sleep last night, and I was ready to hit the ground with a rumble to rival thunder. Then it hit me: What am I gonna do? 

I spend a lot of time programming for other people, but my own training seems to err on the side of willy-nilly. After pouring some coffee down my throat while looking over some tried-&-true workout schematics, it hit me . . . What am I training for/towards?  

My thoughts began flowing . . . I need to work on Pull-ups, I have a 5k coming up, Squats have been inadequate as of late, and I need to fatten up my Press for the eventual kill . . . In writerly terms, that isn’t even a rough draft, but it is a good napkin sketch to draw from. Beast Tamer, TSC, familiar themes in the Tropic of Unicorn. Add a 5k in the mix, and I have plenty to keep myself busy.

The workout Template (as pictured above) pretty much wrote itself once my groggy brain unclogged. I’ll blame it on the coffee, but it really could have been any number of factors.

  • 10/15/25 Goblet Squats/Push-ups 
  • Run to the Playground (mine has a nice Monkey Bar set for Pull-up work) 
  • 3 Sets of (2) 10 Second Bar Hangs/ (3) Hammer Grip Pullups
  • Run Home
  • 25 Push-ups
  • 25 Goblet Squats
  • 3 Sets of (2) Bottoms-up Press/ (5) Kettlebell Press

I wish I could say that my numbers were huge, or that my run times were without humiliation, but that wasn’t the case. What’s cool about a questionable Baseline is that you’re almost always guaranteed to improve on one part or another.

Whatever you’re training towards, have lots of stick-with-it-ness. Strength is one of the best attributes we can have or develop, and probably one of the most satisfying journeys available to us in human form.

Cock it, rock it & lock it out

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