Don’t Cancel Out Your Own Success

Songs are just really interesting things to be doing with the air.
~Tom Waits

In the audio world there’s a weird phenomenon where two signals are generated, travel their path, but then nothing is heard at the other end. It’s called phase cancellation, and it’s pretty unfortunate.

Think about it: the work was done, the signals generated & sent on their merry way, then nada, nothing, zilch. Maybe it’s just a few frequencies, or maybe it’s the entire signal. Either way, a good audio engineer will catch it, fix it, and move the music along, as intended.

It isn’t just an audio issue. We all do it. Sometimes we sabotage our efforts with a lack of sleep, by eating food with no nutritional value, letting stress pile up, or celebrating our workouts with a drink or few. A friend of mine recently posted this:

You gotta admit, it’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. You do all this work, you live your life, and you have little to show for any of it. Some even go so far as to say that it isn’t the hour you spend working out, training, or in the gym, it’s the 23 hours you spend outside of this World of Might & Muscle that really determines failure or success.

Others might say that you can’t out-train a bad diet, or bad habits. Those people are wrong . . . you absolutely CAN out-train a bad diet & bad habits! The trick is that you have to train those sabotaging components out of your system. It might seem obvious when we say it like that, but for too many people, it isn’t obvious . . . it isn’t even clear.

Success in any endeavor comes through consistency, particularly if your endeavor is to lose weight, put on muscle, get faster, become more athletic, or anything fitness related. One workout won’t make you or break you, one doughnut isn’t going to derail every ounce of iron you’ve ever lifted. It’s what we do habitually that defines us & creates our results.

The important takeaway from all of this is that we can’t only think about the gym, we can’t only think about the iron, or even the effort. We have to think about how everything else we’re doing impacts us, our livelihood, our goals, dreams & our results. Once we’re aware, we have to act accordingly.

Start here, start now, start where you are, and start with what you want. If you want to join a gym, go ahead & get started. If you need the personal attention of a Trainer, start now. If you want to change your eating or drinking or sleeping habits, don’t waste time. Once you start anything, you’ll more easily see how you can fit the other necessary components for your success into your life. It doesn’t matter which you start first, just that you start, and that you work consistently at your goals . . . in training & out of training.

Your life & your success is worth every amount of effort you’re willing to contribute. Be relentless with your contributions.

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