The Importance of Practice

Compliments are hard to receive and they are often misunderstood. For example, when folks look us in the eyes and tell us we’re stubborn, stiff, dull and single-minded airheads, we’re caught slightly off guard — we blink, we fidget and stammer. What they’re really saying is that we’re persevering, disciplined, patient, goal-seeking positive thinkers. Thank them profusely, adding how much you appreciate their tender encouragement. Friendships are gifts from above. 
~Dave Draper 

Some days we go into the gym all fueled up on our own mixture of adrenaline & ambition. We’re ready for blast off. No one here is talking about a warm-up, we might be lucky to get some lighter reps under our belts before going big, tweaking a muscle, then limping home. I don’t mean to paint this scenario in a negative light, but it happens more frequently than it should, more often than we’re prepared to handle.

Practice. We think about it with skilled movements, but forget that ALL movements are skilled movements. Sure, we might “practice” jumping rope to get Double Unders, but we probably already have a rep range & set scheme in mind before we launch. Don’t do that. Skills take practice, lots of it, if we want to be good at these skills . . . And who doesn’t want to be good at moving our bodies as we wish & desire?

StrongFirst calls this concept Greasing the Groove. No matter what you decide you want to call it, it works, and we should all do more of it. It works for all lifts & movements in the Kettlebell, Barbell, Dumbbell & Bodyweight arsenal.

Musicians get this concept. So do writers, painters, artists of any & all varieties. We’re artists, too. You don’t have to designate yourself as a Bodybuilder, you don’t have to qualify as an athlete for the CrossFit Regionals . . . it’s these things we do daily that contribute to our personal art portfolio.

Be an artist. Be artistic. Move well, move often, move with the undeniable confidence of Strength and be artful.

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