Beating Distractions

“To persist is to overcome. Despite sufficient advertising evidence, muscle building is eventually a slow and laborious task. The snail moves, but who can wait or measure the distance?”
~Dave Draper

You train pretty hard, but you get distracted. Maybe it’s Facebook. Maybe it’s the beer. Maybe it’s work. It’s none of those things. It’s you. You’re the one getting distracted. I know this because when I say “you” I mean me. I get distracted.

We could play the game of what all our distractions have in common, but we know the answer. It’s just a game at that point. Do we have time for games? God help us if we don’t, but some games really don’t do anything . . . or, we’re not capable of interpreting certain games in any relevant manner. Most games are truly useful, even if they’re only fun. I say “only fun” like I’m not really still just a kid. Yeah, fun is fun, but it is much more fun when fun takes us somewhere.

I had another website a while ago, and lately I’ve been missing that website. It was a lot of fun. For a brief moment I thought about reviving it. Resurrect the dead, in a way. Not a chance. This website is where it’s at, and I intend to prove it.

What was fun about that other website wasn’t the thinginess of the website, it was the work I put into it. In that sense, it’s no different than what you & I are doing with the iron bells . . . do the work, reap the rewards; don’t do the work, don’t reap anything. It’s easy to blame the thing, to say workouts aren’t fun, that Facebook is distracting, that beer tastes too good . . . all those things might be true, but they aren’t the final truth, they’re just true in some unfortunate & unnecessary relation to us. Again, let’s find the common denominator, and that’s where we’ll find a solution to whatever problem we face.

Whatever that distracts us is just a thing . . . and only distracts us if we let it. If these current distractions went away, others would pop up in their place. So, the problem isn’t with the distraction itself, it’s with us, with you, with me . . . it’s internal.

Try replacing a distraction with purpose . . . only one will survive. The distractions will multiply and come at you from every possible direction, but if you answer each & every one with unwavering purpose, you & your purpose win the day.

Start small . . . win today, win an hour, win the next five minutes . . . whatever it takes to get a win. Then BUILD on that win. 6 minutes, an hour and a half, two days, seriously, build a habit of letting purpose win out over distractions. Hey, it isn’t foolproof, but it also isn’t hard to build a little momentum, either. A little momentum can be turned into a lot of momentum much easier than no momentum can be made into anything at all. It’s how energy works . . . think about it & act on it.

Whatever you’re doing, stick with it. Be strong about it, and use that strength to get stronger.

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