6 Strength is an applied philosophy of human movement built around the 6 main Kettlebell lifts:

Swing ~ Squat ~ Snatch ~ Clean ~ Press ~ Get-up

We are doing more than learning techniques, or just doing exercises; our focus is to help you move better in all areas of life, no matter your position & whatever your situation.

Some of what we do resembles Yoga, and most of what we do is built around Kettlebells and Mobility. We take what is useful from a number of systems to provide you with skills & drills to optimize your ability to move and to move well. We believe that Strength is built from Stability, Agility & Mobility, so our goal is to make you stronger by developing these three attributes.

Each one of us resonates as a different vibration and to a unique frequency. In order to move better, we have to find our music and turn it up. At 6 Strength we help you find your song and encourage you to play it as loud as you want.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer you. You can e-mail me, Lee Crase, or check out our Facebook Page! We’re always training somewhere in or around Atlanta (& sometimes beyond), and you’re always welcome!