Tropic of Unicorn

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of power, love, and self-discipline.

~2 Timothy 1:7

I earned my RKC through Dragon Door on January 28, 2016 at MVMNT Gym in Marietta, Georgia. There are other ways I could have said that, but I chose the straightforwardest way because that’s how I list my goals, and in 2017 my top goal for 2018 was to earn my RKC. So, the year started out on a high note & pretty encouragingly.

But, like I always ask others who tell me their goals, Then what? Goals are good, grand & great, but what is it we want to do with them once we reach them? My “then what” for my RKC is multi-faceted.

Sharing what I know & what I learn is pretty righteously rad. It just makes everything I do feel transient, lucid, dynamic . . . and those are pretty good attributes to consider when it comes to life and making decisions. As much as I want to teach & help others learn to move better & with greater Strength, I want these things for myself, too. Honestly, if I don’t move well & with Strength, how am I supposed to get you to trust that I can help you realize YOUR most meaningful potential?

Lines 2 & 3 of my “2017 Goal List for 2018” read:

  1. Compete in the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC)
  2. Become a Beast Tamer

Pretty tall orders, no matter how you slice them. There was a time, not so long ago, that getting my RKC seemed like a tall & unattainable order. I wasn’t exactly athletic as a kid, and even as I got older, it took a substantial amount of work, dedication, discipline & effort to get to the point where ANY athletic pursuit even made sense. People look at me now and assume that I’ve always been large, or that I’ve always been Strong, and that simply isn’t true. There’s still LOTS of work waiting & ready to be done, but a ridiculous amount of work went into getting me to even think that I could be successful in athletic pursuits . . . and honestly, I feel like the real work is JUST NOW starting.

Anyway, this whole Tropic of Unicorn is about imagining the impossible and finding a way to get there. The first time I picked up a 24kg Kettlebell, I gave everything I had to Swing it 25 times in a row, then I laid down on the ground, pouring sweat and unable to catch my breath for nearly 10 minutes. That was in 2013. Being able to Snatch that same size Kettlebell for 100 reps in 5 minutes in 2018 definitely seemed impossible & unlikely, but it certainly & unquestionably got done. And, I didn’t even sweat or pant very much at the end. Some, but not a lot.

Tropic of Unicorn chronicles my own personal journey towards performing well at the TSC, and earning the title of Beast Tamer. Some people might caution against training for both simultaneously, but those people will be screaming at externally deaf & internally dedicated ears. The information in these blog posts are about MY training, and do not reflect on my method of training others. If you have similar goals, you may find the following posts & information useful, but even if you don’t, I do hope that you find enough entertainment to feel inspired in your own pursuits, whatever that happen to be.

Nothing we want is impossible. Better yet, let me rephrase that . . . Anything we want & are willing to WORK towards is POSSIBLE! Rather than try to prove me wrong, focus all that energy on proving your hopes & potential right. My journey has never been about just me, this is about us. Enjoy the trip, it promises to be a long, strange one.